Waseem Mahmood

Ex BBC producer, Waseem Mahmood has spent the past few years working as a consultant in media development, specialising in the media and communication strategies for advocacy of issues as diverse as poverty reduction, gender equality, human rights, minority rights, child rights and issues of good governance such as democratisation and electoral reform in geographic areas as varied as the Baltic’s and Balkans to South Asia, Middle East and Africa.

His area of expertise over the past few years has become the role of media and civil society in conflict prevention and conflict resolution. He is now acknowledged by many to be one of the leading authorities of reconstruction of post conflict civil society/media. Postings have included Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

He was awarded in 2005 New Year’s honours list “for services to the reconstruction of Media in post war countries.”

Working side by side with journalists in the countries has given him unprecedented access to people from all walks of life in those countries, from Ministers and academics to students and the ordinary person on the street.

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2 thoughts on “Waseem Mahmood

  1. Waseem is just one of those super humans who finds time to do everything he wants to in life. The extraordinary part is that he doesn’t just do an alright job. He excels at everything he does which makes me wonder how people like Waseem manage it. Truly an inspiring individual!

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